Pecos Conference 2014 Pecos Conference 2014 Full Tent! The Pecos Conference includes two days of short presentations by Southwestern archaeologists with progress reports on their research during that year. The conference is held at different locations every year- this year it was held in the cool pines of the mountains above Blanding, Utah. Best one ever! 194726035 Archaeologist Steve Lekson Archaeologist Steve Lekson presenting an update on his "Chaco Meridian" theory (to be included in the 2nd edition of the book of the same name) and dropping a MAJOR BOMBSHELL about the origin of the Aztec! 194726036 Boma on Field Trip With Jim Allison Boma on field trip to Alkali Ridge with archaeologist Jim Allison. 194726037 Rock Art Site On Alkali Ridge Amazing site with petroglyph & pictographs from at least 3 different ages/cultures. 194726038 Alkali Ridge 1 194726039 Alkali Ridge 2 194726040 Alkali Ridge3 194726041 Camp On Way Home Great view from campground in Navajo National Monument. A wonderful start to our last day, watching the spectacular sunrise from bunks in our travel trailer. Not so wonderful later, when a tire exploded on a Rez road and blew a hole in the bottom of the Coyotemobile.....sigh.... 194726042